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You've put in the hours. You've did the work. You've got the paper on the wall… Now, it's time to launch. 

Getting started in a new career or business can be intimidating. You not only have a ton of “on-the-job” training that no one seems to prepare you for but you've also got bills and student loans and maybe even a couple of kids and a spouse to take care of. Oh yea, and on top of that comes the requests to be on boards and make donations and all this while trying to plan how you are going to get from today to your life 30 years from now. 

That's where the team at Kovar Wealth Management comes in.  We've been there. We understand and we can help. 

Our Launch membership is designed for people with big goals and a proven track record that they have what it takes to achieve those goals. Our team comes alongside you to map out not only the details of your finances but to guide you in being the best community leader, spouse, parent, investor, boss, and friend that you can be so that from this day forward, you are truly LAUNCHING into the version of yourself you've always dreamed of. 

We only accept a limited number of new LAUNCH members every month so in order to help us get to know you before scheduling an introductory meeting, please complete the following application to the best of your ability. Once submitted, our team will be in touch within 2 business days with additional questions or to provide you with the next steps. 

If you have any questions or need clarification,  email us at or call our office at (936)899-5629