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We Can Do It

Your Life, Easier

Our goal is to make our member's lives as easy, fulfilled, and enjoyable as possible. Experience the difference that working with the Kovar team can have on your life.

Track and Manage your Goals

We assist with all aspects of financial foresight – choosing the best mortgage, investing your 401k assets correctly, mapping out how you are going to downsize once the kids are gone –  so that you can be fully prepared for the future.

Philanthropy Planning

Our team can assist you in developing a strategic philanthropic plan that not only maximizes the impact of your generosity, but also ensures your funds go through legitimate sources that deploy dollars appropriately.

Tax Minimization Strategies

As taxes rise, the value of your future income may be decreasing. To offset this effect on your assets, there are several tax minimization strategies that we can utilize to decrease the burden from Uncle Sam.

Wealth Management

We have the knowledge and skills to provide clients with the best investments for their particular risk level and goals. You've never experienced wealth management like this before.

Legacy Planning

Our team can help you draft a plan that ensures your impact will be remembered by your family and community for generations to come.

Sudden Wealth Guidance

Tailored for recent recipients of life insurance payouts, large inheritances, and legal settlements, we work to ensure that those proceeds last a lifetime.  

Portfolio Management

We help you create and manage your portfolio, to be confident with every financial move you make. It is our professional responsibility for making investment decisions and carrying out investment activities on behalf of our partners. 

Business Consulting

Our team of experts and consultants have reviewed hundreds of businesses over the years and have compiled their knowledge to create a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs. Whether you are having an issue with getting, retaining, or maximizing each customer, our team will treat your business just like it was our own. Let’s make it better together.

Self-Directed IRA Management

The power of a self-directed IRA comes from the almost endless investment options. You also reap the asset protection and all of the tax advantages that come with government-sponsored retirement plans.

Personal Brand Management

Our team can train your staff on how to interact with prospects and customers in order to keep them coming back. We can design and implement a campaign that will take your business to the next level.

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